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It’s Entrepreneurship and beyond leadership in a small scale enterprise which gains more focus. This is nothing to do with the choice which the Entrepreneur or the business or the other stakeholders make but that is the art of survival. The value/focus on attributes of the founder would be enterprising than leadership.  By structural characteristic, a small scale enterprise is different in many ways compared to large scale corporation.   This note is based on a study of various small scale enterprises for the last 50 years.

1. It is generally initiated by a single person with his intrinsic passion in his core area of strength: Engineering/Agriculture/Pharma/medicine/Service, etc.

2. This single person’s initiation can lead to a multiple group (within family or friends) or it can be a lonely venture to start with.

3. The journey starts with an incremental grasping of the entire gamut of the business – it is time consuming and gets into all “nervous system” of the business – inventory and sales – bound by a simple profit/loss accounting system.

4. It is not “academic/qualification” based beginning.  Most of the large corporations was born out of passionate entrepreneurs, who do not have “fancy degrees from famous Institutions”.

5. There is an element of “sacrifice” in their business journey.   A single minded focus on building the business.

The most exciting opportunity for business is inspiring customers to build business with you. Check out these simple tips to ensure that your customers are motivated to enter in to a partnership with your company in the digital media:

Do you know your customers?

With the whole world going digital, it is important to be quite active on Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, Scribd, Reddit beyond your FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts to make sure your digital presence is felt.

What your customer looks in you?

Listen to your prospective customers and deliver what they need. Build constant engagement by contributing to a cause they care about. Consistently evolve your campaigns around your prospect’s interest areas and keep sharing the content in the digital media as a source of your lead generation campaign. 

Are you an Entrepreneur – a Startup or an SME looking for reference of good sales resources? Is it hard to identify the good sales resource? How about building your own sales resource internally?

Sales Process Map

The common question that gets asked in business is, 'why?' That's a good question, but an equally valid question is, 'why not?' - Jeff Bezos

Everyone knows that sales resource effectiveness drives every company's success, but keeping a sales organization at the top is a constant challenge. Even though building sales resource internally is a preferable option it comes with its own challenges.

Let’s have a look at the challenges expected during the process of building sales resource internally:

If you ask an SME Entrepreneur what keeps them awake at nights, their single most answer is how to inspire the customers and build their business. This is critical because retaining a customer for longer period saves costs and efforts in marketing and this is a great boon for SME organisations.

Leading your brand to inspire your customers

Entrepreneurs know how to inspire Employees, partners and even vendors, but how to inspire customers who can build their business?

When you talk to any Entrepreneur in the SME sector for more than 5 minutes they talk about people and performance challenges. Large corporations take the route of Organisational Development (OD) to change the complex environment prevailing in the business and its beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of organizations. This helps organisations to adapt to new technologies, markets, challenge and all this starts and ends with people.

This has been the definition of OD since 1969.

We have experienced why OD doesn’t work in SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) (50-1000 employees as an autonomous business unit or legal entity). We wish to share the same to you.

There might be 1000's of E-commerce websites in India selling Mysurpak to Mud Pot.  On a land where donuts, pizzas, bottled water and napkins took decades to penetrate the market, is it possible for an unexplored business model to give results in short time.

Only magicians can try to make it happen and not for second time. It may be discounts and cash backs which drives most of the sales for E-commerce companies in India but the fun fact is most of the online buyers still don’t trust E-Commerce businesses of India. (Image Courtesy: Nasscom)

Building a successful User Experience is a nightmare for all product development organizations. The reason is, most of the customer challenges in navigation are informed to the support executives. But unlike the end user, they are already trained to navigate their product or may be even their competitors. This turns them blind to the reality as they can hardly realize the UX or UI challenges from the point of view of a common user.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) traditionally tend to use corporate-style practices. As a consequence, when SMEs engage consulting services, it ends up as an expensive and risky investment. Most of the SME's adapt to the market changes in short time, striking different from a corporate. 

In a SME organization the character and values of the CEO are an integral part of the business. Typical Management consulting models do not work for these SME’s as it goes against its fundamental value systems and practices. What works at corporates hardly works for SME’s which makes corporate style management consulting irrelevant for them.

Consulting for SME's ought to be about creating value.

If only my pocket is full my rockets will fly high!!!!

Have you ever heard this from an Entrepreneur? If yes, kindly help him understand that there will be no such day.

Empty Pocket EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs look for a good market place to validate their contributions. They have to understand that money doesn’t come first. What comes before money is their value.

We have hardly heard the first revenue as a million. To sustain Entrepreneurship all that Entrepreneurs have to earn is enough money for survival and to move on for a better tomorrow.

It’s the Empty heads and hearts not the pockets that can hold someone from what they wanted to achieve. This is seldom realized during the journey and always after the journey irrespective of whether they quit or continue.

There is no exception for an Entrepreneur who has bypassed our beloved empty pocket state.

What's the opportunity with the empty pocket state?

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