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If only my pocket is full my rockets will fly high!!!!

Have you ever heard this from an Entrepreneur? If yes, kindly help him understand that there will be no such day.

Empty Pocket EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs look for a good market place to validate their contributions. They have to understand that money doesn’t come first. What comes before money is their value.

We have hardly heard the first revenue as a million. To sustain Entrepreneurship all that Entrepreneurs have to earn is enough money for survival and to move on for a better tomorrow.

It’s the Empty heads and hearts not the pockets that can hold someone from what they wanted to achieve. This is seldom realized during the journey and always after the journey irrespective of whether they quit or continue.

There is no exception for an Entrepreneur who has bypassed our beloved empty pocket state.

What's the opportunity with the empty pocket state?

Still wondering?

It’s simply creativity! Creativity! Creativity!

They can't go long in a "Me too" crowd but if they have something which is really different which can make them stand apart that wins.

You will find a way!

All that you have to do is be more creative because it just doesn’t cost us much!

If you believe in what you do and expect everyone else to believe the same without enough efforts I have a small story for you.

A good customer of ours lost a pet and was away from the office for more than three months. Day before he left he ordered a high value product with a 50% advance. Without knowing the real reason we were waiting for 4 months to meet him again and get the payment. He didn’t feel sorry for us but he seemed depressed with the pet's loss. My colleagues asked me "are we not even worth that pet" as we had several rounds of talks before finalizing the deal.

In reality we are not!!!

That's what we learned from that incident. Whoever you are you have to share the love with people and express to them that you care for them.

All our clients prefer friendly relationship rather than mutually beneficial business relationship.

So crying hard for money does not help. If you could make them understand how you can value to whatever they do then they help you to build your business.

“Empty pockets had never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.” - Norman Vincent Peale, progenitor of the theory of ‘positive thinking’.


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