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Our client was a decade old Logistics solutions and services provider having multi location operations in India serving through Sea, Air and land with a business volume of $2 Mn annually.

Activity Identification and Definition

Management Level Pain Point

Growth was a major challenge due to lack of leadership bandwidth, Cash flow challenges, low productivity all these resulted in very poor growth rate compared to industry standards. 

Hiccups Identified

There was a need for keen understanding of the financials; there were not enough documents/ information to support appropriate decisions. Resources were limiting their work to the functions they performed and thus resulted in poor team output.

Activity Defined at the early stage

To design policies to empower and drive the performance of the Employees, focus on building a work progress plan and processes to support the same.


Analysis / Consulting


We thoroughly studied their processes, work style, tasks that were carried out, for almost three weeks (During peak performance). We analyzed and concluded that over 70% of the tasks could be automated if we define the flow of information.

Need for Automation

A cloud based ERP, prominently used by Industry leaders, and was left unutilized by its employees. We researched and found that the poor implementation of the ERP has become obstacle for Information flow which was consuming over 90% of the leadership bandwidth.


Outcome / Key Process Implemented

Financial Data Streamlining

The client had classic bookkeeping software which was demanded by their finance and audit team. The accounting and financial input to ERP was ignored due to double entry which we bypassed (They were already using Tally software product for accounting). This eliminated the double entry and thus accounting/financial data was available for analysis in the ERP.

Accurate Information Management

Three years of relevant data was driven into the ERP was driven by the internal team this enabled them decision making instantly without much of input from other team members.

Improved Time Management

Earlier, by becoming the information disseminator, the leadership team was unable to pursue the strategic goals of the organization. We implemented our recommendations and the leadership team realized that they could save over 60% of their time which was spent in operational tasks.

Focus on Business Generation

Quick decision making enabled them to focus on high value business generation activities(Nominated Shipping) which can instantly accelerate the growth by 4 times than their current phase.


End Result

We helped our client to overcome challenges and improved productivity of the business. We successfully designed the task, information and operational flow policies which guided all the stake holders and adhered to time schedules, for allocated tasks.

All activities cumulatively resulted in better customer experience, thus increasing visibility and enhanced business volume. Increased business volume in three months time by 30%

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