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The client was a knowledge portal working for a niche industry with existence for more than two years and had no revenue streams when they approached us for growth opportunity creation.

Activity Identification and Definition

Management Level Pain Point

No revenue generation and growth from the knowledge portal in spite of being live for more than two years. Changes envisaged in the current business delivery model as it was contrary.

Hiccups Identified

Monopoly:Acceptance of the service unclear, as most the companies were depending on world’s number one portal for that Service.
Opportunity Management: The identified business opportunity had the potential to generate revenue but none in the management team were able to build the vertical.
Diversification: The sustainability was in question with one single service vertical offering
Acceptance: The concept had gone ahead without understanding the client acceptance for the service in a traditional industry


Activity Defined at the early stage

To design the business plan and plan the manpower, implement the same. Find revenue pockets, plan for the service cost and design the market penetration strategy for the verticals.


Analysis / Consulting

Study on current Practices

Our research team worked with the delivery team to understand the current practices in the Industry in which the client was working.

Business Model Fitment

We studied various business models to see the fitment into the client business. We analyzed the opportunity for global markets vs domestic market.

Input cost Analysis

The web portal development had been outsourced and cost of further development was high.


Outcome / Key Process Implemented

Input Cost Reduction

Based on the manpower planned, we hired a developer in-house to build modules for new services and took apt help to integrate new services to the existing cloud.

Embracing A New Delivery Model

The initial plan was to adopt the delivery model of the industry leaders due to the acceptance level. But market penetration was impossible as suggested during customer validation. Finally we developed and embraced a new delivery model and strengthened it with the practices we built which helped them to run it with same resources as planned.

New Business Opportunity

We identified few other business opportunities, properly conducted customer validations and implemented the same, which was influential in tapping new verticals such as Offshore research which helped the client to make huge revenue.

Market Penetration

Domestic market was very unwelcoming for a new entrant. We took this as a challenge and guided the client to penetrate International markets, through market research and digital presence.

This resulted in consistent business opportunities in areas which was in sync with the vision of the founder. This also generated cash flow and domestic business opened its gates as soon as they understood that our client was successful in delivering internationally.

Revenue Generation

Penetrating international markets helped the client to kick start and run their offices with sufficient cash flow with a 20% growth rate.


End Result

We designed the revenue verticals which started generating revenue for our client; we designed the market penetration and pricing strategies. We also supported them in having a strong digital presence and we continuously assist them for digital media marketing.

We are a partner for growth and we are happy that client worked with us again in another new internet venture which is one of a kind in the industry. We implemented the ideas effectively, resulting in generating revenue and streamlining the business to improve productivity.

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