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Outsource your business support functions to us and focus on your core business. Aequitas Global understands the Start-up and Small business owners need and challenges in managing their transactional business tasks which are time consuming but essential ingredient of a business. With a high degree of commitment to support the growing SME organizations we are offering Virtual Business Support Solutions as described below. On opting these you get an extended virtual office which is a cost effective solution for an SME.

Branding for Small and Medium Businesses is to enhance the relationship with its consumers and prospects and marketing is to educate the prospects and customer about their products or services. Deciding what strategy to pursue in structuring the Organization's  brand portfolio depends on the answer of a number of strategic challenges prevailing in the internal and external business environment.

“Beyond building pipeline for sales, Digital Marketing builds brand value, helps to Understand Consumer Psychology and Customer Retention”.

Start-ups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises have a tight trade off between their marketing budgets and enhancing brand value realization in addition to building the market and realizing sales. Though most challenging, this is an essential and indispensable part of their sales process.

With the creative marketing process going through a transformation from print work-flow to web work flow, technology is growing rapidly in terms of mobile, social communication and global connectivity. Years of research at Aequitas Global has helped us understand the unique challenges and opportunities brought about by this transformation.

We realize that real relationship building for brands still requires a personal, in-person touch and conscious effort to understand a lot of local cultural values and demands. It also needs continuous process followed to manage its digital media presence.

Keeping this in mind, Aequitas Global offers digital marketing solutions for Startups and MSME’s, consistently enhancing their visibility across their target market keeping a tab on cost and adapting high value inbound marketing techniques.

Why choose Aequitas Global Digital Media Marketing services for your organization?

Aligning your digital marketing strategy with your business goals, we strengthen your internet presence consistently and spearhead your online presence towards better profits. Your customers measure what's happening on the web and we help them do that effectively and improve the impact of your marketing effort.

We do not stop with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Or Social Media Marketing. We go further. To yield best results, your Digital Media Marketing efforts need to be consistent and persistent. It has to be dynamic and agile, keeping in tide with the rapid changes in the media and also the business.

Technology has enhanced higher degrees of stakeholder engagement. Even the slightest change creates incremental values for the business and accelerates growth at a lowest possible cost for a longer time frame through digital marketing.

We find your audience through different platforms understand their varied behavior, preferences, methods of publishing, and sharing and optimize content differently to different audiences depending on the platforms. This tactical mix of digital media helps reduce duplication of efforts. We engage your audience going beyond traditional SEO / SEM efforts - frequent user persuading content updates in your website, effective digital campaigns / PR, visibility on forums, blogs and FAQ, references from credible sources, discovery of target markets and consistent participation.

Our digital marketing professionals and content developers work with our consulting technology and research team to deliver great value for your investments. We design your digital media marketing campaigns with a focus on natural engagement and drive content ideation, selection of platform, feedback analysis and continuously evolve it.

Aequitas Global offers HR Outsourcing solutions to meet the challenges in your Human Resource department. The current economic turmoil is forcing organizations to pursue instant benefits, rather than undertake a patient approach. Best practices must be an integral part of design and development of the HR processes because they enable cost-efficient and effective use of automated systems. In recent years, near-shoring and off-shoring have become major drivers for global outsourcing. For HR outsourcing, cost reduction may re-emerge as a key driver, however, innovation, business transformation and business optimization are also being considered.

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