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Branding for Small and Medium Businesses is to enhance the relationship with its consumers and prospects and marketing is to educate the prospects and customer about their products or services. Deciding what strategy to pursue in structuring the Organization's  brand portfolio depends on the answer of a number of strategic challenges prevailing in the internal and external business environment.

Small & Medium Business marketers know they should be putting more effort into branding, challenge is to start at the right place at the right time and most importantly at the right cost.

Aequitas Branding solutions for SME's:

Audience Diversity - We can identify the target segments to maximize the ROI and design brand communication strategy (unidirectional or multidimensional). Validate the brand role in each product-market context that it is expected to contribute real business.

Elasticity - Stretch each of the brand to cover different products/services and markets. We work on your brand extensions, positioning, evaluate the roles of sub-brands and endorsements and while planning for new offering with a focus on profitability and long term returns.

Equities - We provide independent assessment  on your customer engagement or a unique heritage or equity  and strategic benefits to continue for long. If you have multiple brand we can identify key strategic ones which can impact the future business to add best value to your investments.

Ownership - All compliance related solutions to have legal control and licensing across various geographies. 

Sources of Growth - We can analyse your Brand's impact on business growth and design strategy to improve the impact.

Performance -We provide Independent assessment on positioning, engagement and profitability for short and long term. Manage features, ingredients, technologies, services or programs create a meaningful impact and point of differentiation for a brand offering over an extended time period.

Role - We measure the impact of brand in the business model, awareness and loyalty creation with your customers.

Channels - We identify the channels and distribution methods are to be used and how to use it to add value to your business.

Company Specific Challenges - We do research on Industry or company specific impact on your brand or vice-verse. We validate your spending with respect to the strategic and sub brands and identify the short living brands to find the value extension to strategic brands. 

Architecture - We identify how the company’s brands are structured and related to one another.

Competitive Context - We research and validate your competitive practices, customer views and engagement, unique positioning, market share and more.

Employer Branding - We do research and analysis on value of Employer brand as preferred employer, organizational Culture, Leadership & Management, Performance management, growth & continuous development, etc. We have worked with Start-ups, Small and Medium business on Employer Branding which has added real value in hiring and retaining the resources which is a major challenge for this industry.

Purchase Criteria - We can analyse on current buying patterns and processes, customer preference for name or the product/service (generic name) or your company name. This could be used if you are having E-Commerce platform to sell your products.

Geographic Needs - We identify how consistent are needs/preferences across cultures and markets and provide solutions to meet the requirements.  We can perform cross country study of brand impacts and validate how brands can work in new markets/geographies pre and post entry stage.



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We provide independent assessment, research and value creation for your brand portfolio.

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